Who We Are

Positively Different

Providing clients an [inside to out] communications offering.

We believe that

…the basis of competition in media services has shifted.
…that scale bringing returns is becoming less valid by the day.
…that different capabilities, delivery models and practices will soon become the norm.

Meet the Team

Nic Halley

Nic started out in digital in 1995 and established Mindbox in 2000, inspired to create a digital solutions offering that worked arm in arm with clients – physically, philosophically, strategically and tactically. As the business grew and its offering evolved, Nic moved further away from the traditional agency model – creating a bespoke consultancy arm, introducing new success metrics, full transparency in fees and an agnostic approach to technology.

In support of the next generation of digital professionals, Nic lectured at ADMA for 20 years and supports AIMA, MFA, IAB and UnLtd programs.
Jessica To

Jess is our General Manager. With experience across media publisher, agencies and client-side management, she has a diverse set of skills that spans the full spectrum of marketing and communications.

Jess is passionate about building and leading successful teams with a client first approach. She particularly prides herself on designing and launching new campaigns, devising insight driven strategy and getting in the trenches with clients to solve complex business issues.

Jodie Lam

Jodie has worked in digital media since 2002. She is naturally curious and constantly investing into her own knowledge as the industry evolves and becomes more complex. Matching client¬†needs expertly with digital opportunities is at the core of Jodie’s professional purpose.

As Head of Operations & Planning at Mindbox, Jodie’s focus is both internal and with clients, with a strong focus on process excellence and campaign effectiveness.

Become a part of our team

Become a part of our team

We are always looking to meet smart people who have a passion for what they do. If that sounds like you lets talk.

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