Brand Safety 

By June 18, 2017Uncategorized

Brand safety is a difficult (but not impossible) issue for brands and agencies to police effectively, and I took umbrage at a Mumbrella360 session I attended last week when a News Corp representative lectured us that with online media, you could only trust a premium publisher like them. 
I felt a lot of what was being defined as ‘not brand safe’ was typical News Corp content, so I did a quick experiment (between Isle Of Man TT races in the interest of disclosure) and took some snapshots of home page content.

Along with the relentless ‘wardrobe malfunction’/nudity piece’s, there was the horrific footage of Muammar Gaddafi being beaten to death (with a Woolies preroll) and a particularly creepy piece about how ‘former’ child star Dakota Fanning now looks in a bikini. 
I don’t know what qualifies ‘brand safe’ at Holt Street but this isn’t the high ground